Spring Fairy in Amber

I had some concept art of a plant fairy trapped in its eternal home of amber for a simplecg monthly challenge a while back. With Sketchfab's new support for refraction, I took it to a finished 3D model. To avoid any transparency problems, everything in the amber is textured fully opaque.

Modeled in Blender, painted with Substance Painter.

Spring Fairy in Amber

Penny wilkerson sketchfab tip
Penny wilkerson final1
Penny wilkerson final2
Penny wilkerson plant friend concept

Initial concept

Penny wilkerson turnaround

Character in bind pose, 10.7k triangles (13.8k triangles including wings)

Penny wilkerson posed w textures

Character posed with touch-ups, painted with diffuse map only (metal/rough values entered on Sketchfab). Split into 3 materials: head, body, wings and small debris

Penny wilkerson amber maps

Amber is a sculpted sphere to get the rough shape, then decimated. painted with diffuse and emission map

Penny wilkerson 2018 03 05 00 13 09 c users penny boko art screenshots

Final painted scene in Substance Painter (scene total: 16.2k triangles)