January theme-from-a-hat challenge (simplecg)
Penny wilkerson spacewoodsitems

Final shot

Penny wilkerson closeup2 blur

Close-up of vending machines with generic power-ups. I wanted a fun sci-fi way to represent each item and decided to use binary values, but this really made most of the buttons on the keypad entirely useless. I left it in because I found it amusing :)

Penny wilkerson blockout

Initial shape block-out with painted background. Wanted to make sure that the main points of interest (shop sign, rocket) fit in the frame nicely

Penny wilkerson thumbs

1-inch thumbnails for initial concept phase. I changed the cacti to pine trees to capture a more identifiable forest

Penny wilkerson sideview

Scene setup, with the background attached to the camera. The image is set to use emission so the low lighting of the scene doesn't affect it

My submission for simplecg's January theme-from-a-hat challenge: Space, Woods, Item Shop. A little shuttle stop along Star Route 52, with a few essential power-ups in stock.

My own goal for this challenge is to use the 3D tools I have for quick composition blockouts, and to improve my composition with portrait shots.

Made in Blender, rendered with Cycles. Background texture painted in Krita.