Penny wilkerson feature
Penny wilkerson 2016 07 05 17 35 49 unity 64bit level unity tushi android dx11 on dx9 gpu
Penny wilkerson 2016 07 05 17 37 17 greenshot
Penny wilkerson concept layout

Snapshots of the game mechanics and style over time

Penny wilkerson splash mock

Some mock ups for the splash screen

Penny wilkerson icon hi res

App icon

Tushi is Furthington Studio's second game, released in 2016 on Android. It is in many ways the opposite of the first release (Volley): a minimal tile-based puzzle game with no time limits. Visit the store page here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.furthington.tushi

Things that I did for this game include:
- concept art
- final art assets
- play store icons, assets and screenshots
- UI and UI animations
- assembling assets and UI in Unity
- game design and balancing
- gameplay and UI coding (C#)