Pit People Arena in 3D

Pit People Arena (UE4)

Penny wilkerson refs

Some of the Pit People references used

Penny wilkerson initial block in

Initial blocking in with basic shapes

Penny wilkerson lod wireframes

Audience member LOD example

Penny wilkerson death process

Character process: start with base shape, sculpt details, retopologize and bake normal maps.

Penny wilkerson textures

Total of 2 sheets used for all non-character environment objects; one for all large walls/surfaces, the other for all static objects. All textures have accompanying normal maps and combined AO/Roughness/Metal maps

Penny wilkerson decal textures

Decals and corresponding normal/combined maps

Penny wilkerson combined1w
Penny wilkerson combined2w
Penny wilkerson combined3w
Penny wilkerson 1w

I recreated an arena from Pit People! Starting with a reference screenshot and Pit People promo images, I designed the colosseum and modeled a bunch of hexagonal modular components. They're exported and then assembled in UE4. Some custom shaders were written for fun effects (toon outline, lava, audience bouncing, decals, slight texture/geometry randomization). Ambient particle effects were also added to the lava. Finally, the video was composed and rendered with Unreal's sequencer.

Rock texture was based on: https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/1002
Grass texture was based on: https://share.allegorithmic.com/libraries/44
Pit People by The Behemoth: https://pitpeople.com/