3D/Technical Artist at Uber ATG

Simulation demo video shown at GDC 2018

Uber's GDC booth

Uber's GDC booth

Most of my work at Uber ATG is private, but this video was played at Uber's GDC 2018 booth. It demonstrates their lidar capabilities, used on the real self-driving cars, simulated in UE4.

My roles for this video were:
- creating a minute-long demo from a verbal story vision given by the Head of Simulation
- sourcing art assets from third-party authors and preparing them for UE4
- setting up the environment and lighting with iterative feedback from the simulation team
- placing waypoints and triggers for vehicles
- capturing/editing shots for the final video render

My work in general:
- used both Unity and UE4 for different simulation teams
- worked closely with deep learning engineers and the triage team
- recreated real-world driving scenarios in our simulations
- example assets: cars, road signs, construction zones, tar marks, lane lines, overpasses
- rigged vehicles and set up game objects to be drag-and-drop ready