Themed challenge: Vaporwave Food (simplecg)
Penny wilkerson vaporwave burger large

Final result

Penny wilkerson burger2

Low-poly burger with simple textures

Penny wilkerson burger3

Tower arrangement ready for soft body simulation

Penny wilkerson comparison2

A frame with rigid mesh and diffuse only (left); a frame with soft body physics and post processing (right)

Penny wilkerson shuffle out

Frame shuffling + repeating experiment. Looks glitchy like I expected, but ultimately not what I wanted

My entry for simplecg's May challenge: Vaporwave Food. I made a commercialized burger layer drop set against neon colors, and played the whole thing on loop with choppy rewinding again, and again, and again... I hope I've captured the essence of vaporwave with this gif!

Other goals I set for this project are:
- experiment with soft body simulations
- create a 90's feel with post-processing effects (all done with Blender compositor nodes)
- write little scripts for parameterized frame shuffling and duplication

I ended up not using the frame shuffling and duplication effects because they don't look the right kind of glitchy to me. I've posted the results of those experiments here as well.

Modeling, texturing and soft body simulation all done in Blender.