February theme-from-a-hat challenge (simplecg)
Penny wilkerson 1

February's theme-from-a-hat challenge: Sci-Fi + Caves + Animal Crossing. Final shot in UE4

Video showing rigged character in various animations: crouch, prone, run, jump, all using Unreal's free animations and character controller. There are also glowing mushrooms that pulsate out-of-sync. Apologies for the bad video quality!

Penny wilkerson wireframe

Character: 7.3k triangles

Penny wilkerson suit textures

Painted in Substance Painter. Albedo, Normal, Roughness, Metal maps

Penny wilkerson closeups

Closeups of character's suit and helmet

Penny wilkerson cave floor

Cave floor texture. Albedo, Normal, Roughness maps

Penny wilkerson experiment

Experimented with Animal Crossing-style grass initially, but it looked distracting in the cave so I removed it

Penny wilkerson 2018 03 02 22 16 06 mushroom1

Quick little shader for the glowing mushrooms. The glow doesn't actually come from any emissive maps, and is instead just a brighter base color

Penny wilkerson 5

More final shots to show the scene setup. Rocks and mushrooms placed with Unreal's foliage system

My entry for simplecg‘s February Theme-from-a-hat challenge: Sci-Fi + Caves + Animal Crossing. I made a little astro-dude inspired by SpaceX’s spacesuit with AC proportions, and rigged it to match Unreal’s skeleton. Then I made some low-poly mushrooms, rocks, a cave, and then painted the cave floor AC-style.

My main goal for this project (other than the theme) was to explore more of Unreal: making a rigged character that can use all of Unreal's pre-made animations and creating a simple shader for the mushrooms.

Models made in Blender, textures painted in Substance Painter, scene assembled in Unreal Engine.