Tunny's Critter

Tunny's Critter

Penny wilkerson sketchfab viewer tip
Penny wilkerson screen shot 2018 06 04 at 11 25 41 pm

Close-up of head

Penny wilkerson concept

Pokemon beta sprite (top), concept sketch by little-tunny (bottom)

Penny wilkerson sculpt turnaround

Initial high-res sculpt based on sketch

Penny wilkerson sculpt turnaround2

Retopologized, details baked as normal map. ~9k triangles

Penny wilkerson filter

Results of lighting setup for achieving desired atmosphere

Penny wilkerson eel big

Looping idle animation to give it a bit more life (view high-res version on Sketchfab)

A weekend project to turn a concept sketch by little-tunny into a 3D model. The sketch is based on an old Pokemon beta sprite that never made it into the series.

My personal goals for this project:
- capture the goofiness and knobbliness of the sketch
- capture the ominous atmosphere of staring at a glowing lure in a deep dark sea
- explore combining those conflicting features

Original concept post: https://tmblr.co/Z6601u2YW5Rlw

Sculpted, modeled and painted in Blender.