Spring Fairy in Amber

Spring Fairy in Amber

Penny wilkerson sketchfab tip
Penny wilkerson plant friend concept

Initial concept

Penny wilkerson finalv2 1
Penny wilkerson turnaround

Character in bind pose, 10.7k triangles (13.8k triangles including wings)

Penny wilkerson posed w textures

Character posed with touch-ups, painted with diffuse map only (metal/rough values entered on Sketchfab). Split into 3 materials: head, body, wings and small debris

Penny wilkerson amber maps

Amber is a sculpted sphere to get the rough shape, then decimated. painted with diffuse and emission map

Penny wilkerson screen shot 2018 09 03 at 2 45 03 pm

Final painted scene in Substance Painter (scene total: 16.2k triangles)

Penny wilkerson tweaks

A previous version had darker amber with no dynamic shadows; colors and lighting were tweaked to match the concept art more

Penny wilkerson finalv2 2

I had some concept art of a plant fairy trapped in its eternal home of amber for a simplecg monthly challenge a while back. With Sketchfab's new support for refraction, I took it to a finished 3D model. To avoid any transparency problems, everything in the amber is textured fully opaque.

Modeled in Blender, painted with Substance Painter.